Bespoke hydraulic cylinders

Double and Single acting cylinders specification

We can offer a large number of special features to customise your hydraulic cylinders to enable the best possible performance for your individual application.

All our bespoke hydraulic cylinders are manufactured on our premises in the UK.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Standard Features throughout the range.
  • TUBE:- smooth bore, honed & roller burnished bore finish
  • ROD:- standard chromed bar, higher steel grades on request, 500 & 1000 hour products, chrome on stainless, chrome on nickel & induction hardened chromed bar
  • Seals/Wiper/‘O’ Rings/ Bearing Rings Heavy-duty, high pressure, low friction, composite, seals suitable to run over holes, buffer seals, polyurethane ‘O’ rings, Nitrile back up rings high impact bearing rings
  • Mounting Options Drill / reamed pin holes fitted with grease nipples Maintenance free bearings Spherical bearings Specially machined hole designs i.e. elongated, oil way grooves Trunnion/trunnion lugs Special brackets i.e. flame & laser cut profiles Flanges Clevis ends (male or female configuration)
  • Inlet Porting Variety of thread sizes male and female Welded steel pipe to achieve various port positions Bespoke valve blocks to suit hose burst valves, check valve cartridges, flow control Best porting solutions to assist with hydraulic hose plumbing
Bespoke hydraulic cylinder
  • Transducers:
  • Cushioning both or either end:
  • Multi-stage synchronised:
  • Integral valves:
  • Rephasing (Synchronizing multiple cylinders) :
Special rod designs for heavy duty applications, made from solid billets, induction hardened, multiple layers of hard chrome Special machined parts to accommodate check valves, cushioning valves, springs, ball bearings, circlips etc
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