The team behind the hydraulic cylinders

The experienced team behind the hydraulic cylinders, are our most valuable asset. Whether customer facing or behind the scenes, they all go above and beyond and are passionate about our company values, in order to provide a great quality product at a competitive price.

Here are just a few members of the team behind the hydraulic cylinders….

Headshot of Richard Williams, Managing Director at WCE

Richard Williams

Nick Berry

Headshot of James Barnes Supply Chain Manager at WCE

James Barnes

Nathan Phillips

Headshot of Hayden Morgan, Technical Engineer at WCE

Hayden Morgan

Headshot of Mark De-Caux, CNC Manager at WCE

Marc De-Caux

Jess Oddie

Richard Williams

Managing Director

I’m responsible for setting our strategic direction and taking overall responsibility of the business and people within it.

Likes: Motocross and racing with the family, building and renovating houses and snowboarding

Dislikes: Negative people, plug in smells for your house, wasting time 

Two rules for life: 1. Never give up and 2. Don’t forget rule number one!

Nick Berry

Resources Director

I manage all IT systems, finance, software, hardware, buildings & equipment at WCE. This can vary from network support and managing the ERP database, to negotiating new contracts with infrastructure suppliers.

Likes: Spending time with the family, playing badminton, Liverpool football club

Dislikes: Cheese, marrow and hot weather 

James Barnes

Supply Chain Manager

My role is to oversee the supply chain from raw materials in to the product out the door. This ranges from strategic purchasing of steel to ensure we are buying competitively priced, good quality material and a resilient supply to fulfil orders, to managing subcontract operations and seal deliveries.

I work closely with all departments in WCE from design through to dispatch to ensure a quality, on time product to the customer.

Likes: Family, rollercoasters/theme parks and big engineering such as planes and trains

Dislikes: Boats and open water, traffic jams and people talking in the cinema

Nathan Phillips

Health & Safety and Human Resources Manager

I starting out at WCE, setting and operating CNC machines and then became a section leader, but from there my career took on a new path when I was asked if I would like to become the Health & Safety & HR Manager. My role is to ensure that the safety of our employees, suppliers and customers, is our number one priority. I’m also responsible for the wellbeing of staff members and assisting them on their continuous professional development.

Likes: Holidaying in Tenerife, Chinese/Thai food and Manchester United

Dislikes: Sushi, Untidiness and Liverpool (of course!)

Hayden Morgan

Operations Manager

My role is to look at how we plan and run our factory in the most efficient manner to ensure we meet customer expectations, on time in full.

Utilising our ERP system and my experience with lean methodology and tools to drive continuous improvement.

Likes: Cars, Computers and Sushi

Dislikes: Heights, SUVs and Quiche

Marc De-Caux

CNC Manager

The main purpose of my role is to coordinate everyday tasks in the most effective and efficient manner possible, ensuring that quality cylinders are delivered to customers on time.

Monitor and analyse production and quality KPI’s in order to reach required output and maintain our high product standards. I collaborate with team members on all levels, providing support and training.

Likes: Formula 1, Tottenham Hotspur, very spicy food!

Dislikes: ‘Rom com’ films, Arsenal football club and bland food

Jess Oddie

Customer Relations Manager

My role is to ensure that we are delivering excellent customer service. This involves the implementation and continuous improvement of our sales procedures and processes where organisation is key. 

Likes: Spending time with family, gardening, cats 

Dislikes: Wasps, traffic, peanut butter

If you would like to be part of our team, check out our current vacancies here.

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